10 Steps to Pamper a Well-Deserved Mom

Every mom needs time for herself. With Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s a perfect reminder to honor yourself as a mother, and as a person. Set time aside before stress overwhelms your life. As you heard it once before “If mom ain’t happy, no one’s happy.”

1.      Yoga: Start the day off right with a dose of yoga. It is known to calm the spirit and release the mind from troubles. Everyone can benefit from a short session of yoga.

2.      Soak up some spring sun: They say the sun has the power to enhance your mood. Take a walk and enjoy the scenery. Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings. Enjoy the birds, the sunlight warming your skin. Nature provides us with extraordinary beauty.

3.      Spend a day at the spa: Pay a visit to your manicurist. Set up an appointment for a manicure and pedicure. Your hard-working hands and feet will be glad you did.

4.      Go shopping: Go out and help the economy. Find that special dress that makes you feel absolutely amazing. Can’t afford a dress. Find a pair of hot high heels instead, or dust off the ones that are shoved beneath your bed. If you look good, you feel good.

5.      Get a trim: An inch or two off your neglected tresses can do wonders for your spirit. A good hair day can promote a good Mother’s Day.

6.      Massage: Have hubby rub your neck and shoulders. Better yet, set up an appointment with a massage therapist. Though a husband’s touch can be soothing, a masseuse knows proper techniques to knead out the knots that can cause tension.

7.      Call for takeout: Enjoy a nice gourmet dinner without the hassle of preparing one. Let someone else have to deal with the dirty work.

8.      Take a soak: Turn up the music to your favorite relaxing melody and fill the tub with lots of bubbles (preferably a lavender-scented bubble bath). Take a deep breath and let the warm water take you to a soothing get-away. Your mind has the power to take you anywhere you want to be, take advantage.

9.      Read: Treat yourself to that special book you been eyeing. Curl up with a cup of chamomile tea and spend your day in someone else’s world.

10.   Rest: Kick up your feet and simply rest. Moms are entitled to a little R & R from a long day of pampering.

Martha Ramirez has enjoyed writing stories, poetry, and drawing since childhood. Her first children’s book entitled The Fabulous Adventures of Fred the Frog was created and inspired by the curiosity and fascination her toddler has with books. Writing continues to be her passion as she strives to create stories children will love as well as learn from. She is also a reviewer for Bookpleasures and a member of the Muse Conference Board, CataNetwork Readers, American Author’s Association, and CWGI (Christian Writers Group International). She resides with her husband and son in Northern California where she is currently working on her debut novel.

Visit her website at MartzBookz


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