O Ambassadors

“I want to make a difference in the world.”

How many times have you heard that from someone?

Did they?

Did they even know how?

So many of us want to impact the world around us in a positive light, but where do we start?
The task almost seems too overwhelming to start.
The world is a wide and wonderful place full of diversity and possibilities. Along with that, there is poverty, child slavery, genocide, climate changes, and a plethora of other nasties that we can’t change—or can we?

For so many of us and our children, we have the book knowledge and the desire, but no practical experience in making a difference in the world around us.

This is where a program like O(prah) Ambassadors comes in.

Partnered with Free the Children since 2007, O Ambassadors gives kids the tools kids need so they can “inspire young people to become active, compassionate, and knowledgeable global citizens to create lasting change in the world.”

The program can be established by the educators and incorporated into the curriculum or set up as an extra-curricular activity (club) by and educator and/or parent.

The regions of the world that are for clubs to select and study are Latin America, East Africa, West Africa, East Asia, and South Asia. Each group will work with an O Ambassador Youth Counselor during the year to help establish goals and to provide mentorship, guidance, and support.

Every two months, the clubs will get a different assignment and will focus on the four aspects of making a difference in the lives of others: poverty, sustainable development, health, and education.
Don’t think a young child (elementary school aged) can help with making a change? Think again.

One of the things many of the children need in underdeveloped countries are school supplies. Tell your child to grab an extra box of pencils or spiral notebook and encourage others to do the same. Set up a supplies drive at your school or church, then log onto O Ambassadors to find out where you can send them.
Want to do more than school supplies? You can start a fund-raiser like a bake sale or car warsh and send the money to O Ambassadors.

Making children aware at an early age aware of the benefit and joy of helping others, can be one of the most precious gifts you can give them as a parent.

For more information on O Ambassadors you can check out their website .


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