2-Year-Old Who Lost Her Arm Finds New Best Friend In Adopted 3-Legged Kitten

This little girl who lost her arm adopted an adorable kitten with a missing limb.

Little and precocious Two-year-old Scarlette Tipton lost her left arm when she was just 10 months old. ABC7 says that her arm was abnormally large at birth, which led doctors to diagnose her with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. After several attempts at treatment, doctors recommended amputation. She’s now cancer-free, and her parents, Simone and Matt had a plan “We really wanted to get her an animal that she could kind of relate to, something that she can grow-up with and feel like she has a special bond with.”

When the family heard about a kitten who’d recently lost its leg in a neighboring city, they knew they’d found the newest member of their family. The kitten who had a cute nickname ‘Holly’ by the shelter,had her name changed to Doc they think was sleeping in the wheel well of a car and didn’t make it out in time. Her right front leg was amputated and her harrowing story made the evening news, which is where the Tiptons found out about her.

The family then visited the adorable kitten on Christmas Eve, and Simone says the first thing Scarlette noticed was that the kitten had “owies” like her. The pair bonded immediately and by the following Wednesday, the adoption was official. Scarlette renamed the kitten Doc because her favorite show is Doc Mcstuffins. The Tiptons told ABC7, “Doc is just as adventurous as Scarlette, and every day it continues to be a perfect match all over again.”


3-legged kitten adopted by Orange County family with young amp…Two-year-old Scarlette was born with a rare form of cancer that ultimately led to her left arm being amputated when she was just 10 months old. She now has a friend with a similar “owie” to help on her journey to recovery. abc7.la/22zEWR3

Posted by ABC7 on Wednesday, December 30, 2015


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