2010; As easy as 1-2-3

2010; As easy as 1-2-3

Today’s workout was more than just a feeble attempt to jump-start the year with 500 fewer calories. It ended up being an epiphany.

I was on my Arc Trainer, attempting to work off last night’s four pounds of brie and two gallons of champagne. My daughter was bundled up on the couch in front of me, watching her favorite show. At that moment when Ernie was singing to Bert about his favorite number, I realized something. I’m moving to Sesame Street.

OK, maybe I’m not moving there. I don’t think I have enough striped cheery sweaters. And the cracks in the sidewalks would mess with my heels. But I’m at least going to adopt some of its residents’ ways of thinking. Enter 2010—the year of the sunny days sweepin’ the clouds away.

Count Von Count

I will count my blessings. Each and every single one. Beyond the obvious things (my child, my pets, my home, my job), it’s the real accomplishment to find the beauty in the ugly, the good in the bad. Of course I’m thankful for my husband. But to be thankful for his snore (the upside of which is that he’s there with me), that’s the stuff I need to work on.

Cookie Monster

I will stop stressing over everything I eat. Will my next post be about how I downed an entire coconut cream pie? No. (But that would be heavenly, wouldn’t it?) Eating healthy is a part of my life. It’s who I am. Besides I’ve accumulated entirely too many skinny jeans and leggings to stop now. But calorie-counting comes with penalty. As I pile on the chocolate mousse, so do I pile on the guilt. I’ve decided that a reward is due—the occasional guilt-free calorie-fest. I deserve a friggin’ cookie.


I will relax. Drawer won’t open. Calm down. Something spills. Don’t flip out. In the colorful 2D world of Elmo, he teaches us that a giggle (and not the kind that prefaces a blood-curdling scream signaling you have now lost your shit) can get you through most scenarios. My husband once said he wished he could take the Elmo approach at work.


I will go to the ballet more. The museum. Trunk shows. You know, cultural things. Ok, maybe trunk shows aren’t cultural. But you get the point. I want to see more beautiful things.


I will continue to find the time to pamper myself. Because really, Bert. Wax those brows, would you?

If I can follow my plan, I think 2010’s going to be A-OK.

Editor’s Note: Today’s new year’s resolutions have been brought to you by the letter E and the number 6.

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