25 HOT Celebrity Dads!

Thanks Hollywood Hot Dads for all you do! Here’s a little “thank you” to our 25 fav HOT celebrity dads: Tell Us who your favorite dad is below? All comments will be entered into our Contest!

happy fathers day
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  1. Bono: He makes it all look effortless and is an Amazing humanitarian!
  2. Eric Dane: McSteamy.  Aptly named
  3. Ryan Sutter: Because he is genuinely a GREAT Dad and saves lives in real life!
  4. Patrick Dempsey: Who knew the 1980’s nerd (Can’t Buy Me Love) would turn into Dr. McDreamy?
  5. Brad Pitt: Father of six, world traveler, humanitarian with hot mom Angelina Jolie and voted “Sexiest Man Alive” multiple times. Despite all these accomplishments, Pitt remains humble.
  6. Hugh Jackman: He can dance, he can sing and he plays a mean Wolverine!
  7. Neal Patrick Harris: He can dance, he can sing and he can do anything better then Hugh Jackman.
  8. Seal: His voice would soothe any crying baby!
  9. Bill and Scout: “The Guncles” They are loving daddies and uncles
  10. Will Smith: He can fight off the bad dreams
  11. Ben Affleck: He is going to save the world!
  12. Dean McDermott:  Because he is MR. MOM!
  13. Adam Sandler: He brings out the kid in all of us!
  14. Gavin Rossdale: He and Gwen Stefani may have the most fashionable kid in all of Hollywood!
  15. Usher: R&B sex symbol, Usher has not only won 7 Grammy Awards of his own, but discovered and took under his wing, teen sensation, Justin Bieber.
  16. Will Arnett: Got to love a guy that can make you laugh! Plus, this successful businessman just landed himself in the Forbes “Celebrity 100” issue for the success of his new ad agency DumbDumb Productions.
  17. Matthew McConaughey: Because he likes to walk around shirtless 99% of the time. Enough said!
  18. Jamie Oliver: This “Naked Chef” cares about the health and nutrition of American families as well as his own. News Just in… Sugary milk, chicken nuggets kicked out of Los Angeles schools after Jamie Oliver campaign
  19. Conan O’Brien: Because he’s Conan! and he brings lots of late night laughter when mom’s and dad’s need to escape!
  20. Will Ferrell: Talladega Nights, Anchorman, SNL, Blades of Glory, Elf, Zoolander, The Office…need we go on?
  21. Dave Grohl: From Nirvana to Foo Fighters to Them Crooked Vultures and various other side projects, this funny rocker just doesn’t stop making hits!
  22. Jason Bateman: Jason and his wife have been married for over a decade – a long time in Hollywood years – AND manages to keep his private life out of the spotlight. Swoon.
  23. Johnny Depp: Quirky and introverted, this insanely versatile actor is teaching his kids French. Oui Oui to Johnny!
  24. Robert Downey Jr.: Despite several stints in jail and rehab for drug abuse, he has since turned his life around and continues a successful acting career, spanning more than three decades AND was named one of Time Magazine’s “Time 100,” a list of the most influential people (2008).
  25. Jon Stewart: Smart, witty and satirical, The Daily Show host and writer has interviewed some of the most important and influential politicians from across the globe. If he ran for President in 2012, he’d have our vote!




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