The Hot Mom to Be Handbook: Look and Feel Great from Bump to Baby

The Hot Mom to Be Handbook: Look and Feel Great from Bump to Baby

Harper Collins has picked up the Hot Moms Handbook series, we’ve added over 30k words, new exciting content and a fresh design. HarperCollins will be releasing a new title each year begining April 2010.  The first is the Hot Mom to be Handbook: Look and Feel Great from Bump to Baby

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Whether its avoiding McSteamy or McDreamy OBGYNs, or creating decoy baby names, or Hot Mom Mocktails, or perhaps combating Dad’s Post Party Depression, this book offers a wide variety of helpful and funny information. Jessica helps readers work the Perks of Pregnancy and how to play the I’ve gotta Pee card perfectly so that they can gain entrance into any employee bathroom or out of any unwanted conversation. Did you realize if you tear baby wipes in half the package will last twice as long? Jessica shares dozens of money saving tips and advice that won’t cramp your style in the Bump on a Budget sections in each chapter. Calculating your baby’s carbon butt print can be exhausting, Jessica has done the research and worked with the top green experts, she shares her earth friendly tips for the Eco-Minded Mama in sections throughout each chapter. If you want to know where to find a custom stroller with streaming ipod surround sound and ostrich leather seats…the Stuff to Drool Over section in each chapter will have you either rolling your eyes or breaking out your credit card.



I wish I’d had Womb with a View when I was pregnant because so many pregnancy books focus on just the physical or emotional changes of pregnancy. This valuable tome is truly a handbook for Hot Moms because it tells you like it is and helps you prepare for your new role. Danielle Friedland, publisher and president of Celebrity Baby Blog, and editor for people.c

With so many options available today, this book is your fun, tongue-in-cheek guide through the world of growing pregnancy possibilities! –Brooke Burke, Actress, Host, Celebrity Mom of 4

Jessica Denay

Jessica Denay is the founder of Hot Moms Club, author of the Hot Moms Handbook series, and has appeared on more than a hundred television shows as a lifestyle expert, since 2005 she has dedicated her life to helping moms feel good about themselves. Jessica practices what she preaches, she strives to live a life of healthy and harmony, her wellness articles highlight all of the things that have help her achieve peace love and healthiness! ;-)

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