After 3 Years Of Silence This Young Girl With Autism Shocks Her Family With One Simple Request

Feb 4, 2016 at 11:51 am |

Coco Bradford hasn’t said a word in three years. Diagnosed with Autism, Coco is 5 now and up until very recently was non verbal, communicating through pictures. She initially began speaking when she was about two, but eventually just stopped altogether. Which is why, when she simply asked her mom for ‘more toast please’ one recent morning, her mother was simply astonished.

Her mother Rachel explained to the Daily Mail, ‘Her exact words were ”I want more toast please”. She just kept saying it and we were just like “oh my god”. She looked so pleased with herself and was jumping up and down and just kept saying ”I want more toast”. I am not surprised her first words were about toast. She loves it and has always eaten it.’

Rachel and her husband had begun taking Coco to a therapy called Applied Behavioural Analysis this past September, which is a method that uses a system of rewards to help the child develop skills and behaviour that fits in with social norms. Her mother explains how Coco’s lack of verbal skills have been frustrating for everyone, Coco included.

‘Coco was talking at 26 months but did not get to more than two word sentences,’ she said.

‘But her talking just faded away and she stopped responding to her name or making any eye contact.

‘You could tell she was just so frustrated. We tried a speech therapist but the last two years have been horrendous.

‘You could tell angry she was becoming with herself.’

Coco Bradford stunned her parents this week by speaking for the first time in 3 years, to ask for more toast!