Are You a Hot Mom-to-Be? Celebrate With a Themed Baby Shower!

These days, themed baby showers are hotter than ever! Sure, traditional baby showers still have their charm – any time spent with your friends and family is lovely, of course, and you can’t go wrong with the classic games, cake and ice cream and baby blue or pastel pink. But if you want to do something a little different for your baby shower, try some of these ideas.

Want an excuse to decorate? Go with a color theme for your baby shower. You can easily bring the idea behind the chic black and white parties of the sixties to your shower by decorating your home accordingly and requesting guests go along with the color theme. Pastels are always in style for baby showers; try a pink and green themed shower for spring, and invite everyone to show up in their favorite pale shade. Your pictures from the event will look like a spring garden!

Herald a little girl’s eminent arrival with a candy-sweet theme of pastel pink and chocolate brown. This is the perfect event for cupcakes, whether you want chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting or you’re ready to get creative with striped chocolate and pink vanilla frosting. You can even extend the theme beyond the party by requesting any children’s clothing be in the appropriate colors – as that color combination shows no signs of going out of fashion, you could start your baby off right with a fine wardrobe.

Chocolate brown still works well for a boy, as baby blue is a lovely accent to brown. If you’ve chosen to keep the sex of your child a mystery, go fashionably gender-neutral with a fine lavender shade. You can give your party venue (whether it’s your own living room, or someplace larger) a sweetly spring look with matching flowers such as lilacs, bluebells, or simple white daisies, and remove the tablecloths so the natural wood shows through. You can even use this as an excuse to pick up some new curtains or other home accents!

Does Dad want to be involved, too? Couples showers are catching on, for eager fathers-to-be. Including the future dad is easier than you’d think – invite the couples you know, and assure them that at this shower, all are welcome. Let the father-to-be help in planning the shower, and let him create activities and contribute food ideas to make it a good time for you and your guests. Pass around cards for guests to fill out offering advice to the both of you. You can even have two cakes, one in pink and one in blue.

For the fashionable ladies who lunch, don’t let your pregnancy change your habits! Instead of holding a shower in your home, have the girls take you out for a fine midday meal. Have a baby-safe Bellini with simple peach juice, and enjoy a fun meal in your cutest maternity cocktail dress. Pass out presents afterwards at a lovely local park or patisserie, or just take the celebration to the nicest home for a classy celebration with fewer diaper games and more petits fours!

Get cute with the popular Pickles and Ice Cream theme – a theme like that is a fine reason for an ice cream buffet, and who doesn’t like an ice cream buffet? You could even make it a potluck with everyone bringing their favorite flavor of ice cream. For extra fun (and extra sweets), get creative and roll ice cream into pickle shapes, then roll them in green sugar. Or give a special nod to spring with cucumbers and sorbet instead, for a refreshing treat. A plate of fresh vegetables and a table full of sweet sorbets will get your girls in the mood to welcome a new life into the world, with this clever twist on a traditional idea.

Excited about food? A potluck baby shower could be just what you need! There are plenty of different ways to do it, too. For the busy couple, a fine gift would be pre-made meals – this is the time to call up your friends who make killer lasagnas or icebox cakes to die for. The further along you get in your pregnancy, the less you’ll want to cook (or you might want to give the daddy-to-be a break from standing over the hot stove), so having a freezer full of homemade food available certainly wouldn’t hurt!

Less than fond of leftovers? Satisfy your cravings with a buffet-themed baby shower. Sweets are never out of style, so indulge your fondness for candy with a sugar-based buffet. Bring out the richest cakes and sweetest ice creams, along with bowls full of your favorite candies. Now’s the time to break away from traditional candy bars and embrace dime store candies like jelly beans and rock candy, and all the fun sweets of your childhood. Want to mix themes? Visit a candy shop for uniquely colored M&M’s, and echo the color theme of your baby shower with your candy dishes!

You can even take it in the other direction with a fine dinner as a precursor to your baby shower. If you’re more filet mignon than pizza bagel bites, then reflect that with your baby shower, and keep it a personal affair with a lovely dinner for a dozen or so of your closest friends and family. Presents can be passed around over coffee afterwards, and the menu is up to you, whether you want to go high class or just serve your favorite foods.

Perhaps you’re a second or third-time mom, or just have what you need to raise your child already in hand. There’s no need to skip the fun of a baby shower, especially since your friends and family will still want to show you a lovely time. Instead of asking for gifts for yourself and your baby, request the most common child-rearing items, and donate them to a local mothers’ or children’s charity. You’ll get all the fun of the celebration along with the joy of doing something good for mothers and children in need.

Finally, for those of you who get exhausted even reading this, skip the excessive planning in favor of a drop-in shower. You can simply load up the table with cold hors d’oeuvres, find your favorite chair, and welcome in a few friends at a time. It’s a great way to keep the conversations close and intimate and the planning minimal, with the rewards just as great!

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Whether you go themed or traditional, your baby shower will be one of the loveliest events of your pregnancy. Most of all, enjoy it!

Janice Lee, founder of the multi-million dollar MyGatsby stationery company, lives the good life with her two adorable daughters, age 2 and 5, and her husband in glamorous Orange County, California. A true mompreneur, Lee, stung by her own difficulties wedding planning, started MyGatsby in truly upscale digs: her garage. “I couldn’t get a loan from a bank, angel or venture capital fund,” Lee recalls. Strapped for funds, Lee sold her dream house to pay for overhead costs. Her savvy self-investment paid off however, and today the company renowned for their wildly popular “Mix and Match” wedding invitation line has been featured everywhere from The Knot to the Style Network’s “My Celebrity Wedding” and most recently Trista Sutter’s baby shower invitation.

We ask all our mompreneurs to “spill” their most embarrassing business moment, and Lee did just that! “I remember one night working on a high profile client,” the Hot Mom recounts. “The invitations were due the next morning. My husband and I were drinking Diet Coke to stay awake. Around 2 a.m., when we almost finished…I accidentally knocked over the soda on the invitations! We had to start all over again from scratch!”


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