Gimme Five More Minutes

Gimme Five More Minutes


I’m reasonable when it comes to playing (or not playing) dress up. True, sometimes it’s questioned why I’m wearing a dress and slouch boots to a play date and not the usual yoga pants and sweatshirts that most moms don. But I usually color within the lines of “good fashion sense” when it comes to hanging with my two-year-old. No cocktail dresses to Target. Got it. That goes for makeup. These days, I have no place in my life for the faux lashes. Bye-bye smoky eye, unless it’s date night or a business event. But even when hurrying through the mall, child in tow, trying to find the Stride Rite store, I still want to look refreshed and pretty.

Putting on tiny shoes, packing snacks, tying hair things…do you have to go the bathroom before we leave?…grabbing juice boxes, picking hair things off the floor, retying hair things…are you sure you don’t have to pee?…zipping stuck zippers. That leaves five minutes in the getting-ready routine for little old me. And in that five minutes, I can create beauty. Here’s how to quickly maneuver the mom makeup madness.

  1. Dot foundation around your face and blend with your fingers (leave the sponges to the dishes). Look for sheer coverage because let’s face it—cake should stay on the plate. Try a two-in-one tinted moisturizer, so you can lose the moisturizing step in your routine for even quicker skincare.
  2. Sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Powder blushes are the easiest to control and apply. A blush that doubles as a lip tint is a keeper—another two-in-one timesaver. Be careful with solids, though, as the color can be tough to control.
  3. Apply your favorite neutral shadow to the lid with a shadow brush, sweeping up from the lashline. Dot a shimmery white shadow into the corners of your eyes to brighten.
  4. Using a soft brown eyeliner pencil, line the top of your lid as close to the lash line as possible.
  5. Cover lips with a sheer lipgloss with just a tint of color.
  6. One coat of mascara on the top lashes.
  7. A quick puff of loose powder on the t-zone completes the look.

From editorial director to marketing specialist, copy writer to copy editor, Cheryl Fenton’s finger is no stranger to the pulse of today’s trends and goings-on in the worlds of fitness, fashion, travel, nightlife and beauty. And in 2007, she added motherhood to her ever-growing list of expertise. Maintaining a strong relationship with her first love of magazines, Cheryl now juggles her exciting career and a never-boring life with her daughter Cadence. With bylines in Glamour, Cooking Light, Wallpaper, Women’s Health & Fitness, Ocean and Elegant Wedding, and marketing creations for Global Goddess Beauty, Pur~lisse, Stride Rite and New Balance, her voice is well-known in the beauty, fitness and fashion industries. Her Easy Peasy blog will offer tips, tricks and products to help all moms-on-the-go be beautiful, fashionable, stylish and live life—all in record time. Cheryl is thankful for her laptop, IPhone and naptimes. For more about Cheryl, visit


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