Quick Beauty Tips; Blending Faves


Quick Beauty Tips; Blending Faves

Do I really need 18 beauty products to get ready? I did the math. The answer is no. Much to Sephora‘s dismay, I only really need a few items.

As it turns out, some of what I already have can be added to some of what I already have to create things that I don’t already have. Follow me? Here’s what I mean…With these tips, you can clear out some drawer space (or skip purchases all together). Saves time, space and money. In this case, the makeup math is 1 + 1 = too pretty.

Red Lipstick + Clear Lip Balm = the perfect rosy lip

How to: Lightly dot the lipstick onto your bottom lip. Blend the clear balm in with a sweeping motion, dabbing the leftover onto your top lip.

Toss: At least 10 of the lipsticks you have in your drawer.

Highlighter + Lightweight Body Cream = the perfect allover dewiness

How to: Rub the highlighter (stick form works best) onto your palms and mix with cream, then lightly apply to your shoulders and décolleté.

Toss: Glittery moisturizers only used only on holidays that are left sitting on your shelves the other 360

Lightweight Moisturizer + Self-tanner = the perfect tan

Toss: Mix half and half, then apply in a circle motion to your skin, making sure to hit all areas.

Get rid of: Heavy bronzers…you aren’t normally that shade, so give it a rest. We all know you didn’t just spend a week in the Tropics.

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