Bold Brow Trend: Get the Look


Bold Brow Trend: Get the Look

By Aly Walansky

Bold brow trend: Get the look! Pencil-browed girls, beware: Bold and bushy brows are back and bigger than ever, and they aren’t going to be gone any time soon.

Famed brow guru Joey Healy says the focus is on robust arches, which have dominated the runways for the past few seasons. The trend is bigger and bolder than ever — as are our brows!

“Now it is all about the relationship between the lip and the brow, and how they artfully balance one another,” says Healy.

“Overly arched, thin brows age the face. Bold brows look fresh and surprisingly youthful. I think with the right grooming, the bigger the brows, the better!” says Marina Klimasiewfsi of

Creating tension between the top and bottom hemisphere of the face is the idea here — if you are feeling bold, go wild with it like the look at Pamella Roland and Vera Wang or go nude like Houghton or Yigal Azrouel, but nowhere in between.

Just be careful to follow this trend in a way that’s right for you. “I love bold brows, and as much as they’re a trend right now, I think what we should be paying attention to are full, well-groomed brows (like the ones Brooke Shields had in the ’80s),” says Jeannine Morris of “They frame your face and you can play them up by making them bold, or down by keeping them natural to give off a look of innocence. Personally, I’ve been trying to grow my brows in to achieve a fuller look. I think JLO has great arches, because they’re shaped but bushy.”


There’s no denying bushy brows have made a major statement down the runway this year. Here are some quick tips to get the look:

1. Before touching brows with any products, comb the brows to groom and separate. Try this brow brush from Ziba Beauty ($11), and remember, neatness counts! “The first bit of beauty advice my mother ever gave to me was, ‘Never pluck your eyebrows,’” says the lovely Christina Farrell of Well, obviously I have had to clean up the crazy town brows that I was born with, but I have always kept a bold brow!”

2. Use a brow pencil that’s one shade lighter than natural brow hairs, adding to the look rather than overpowering your brows’ natural shape. Start from the inner brow and work your way out, filling in as heavy as desired to accomplish the bold brow look. Also, try using a pencil with a soft lead to fill in and draw outside the line on the topside of your natural brow. Drawing just above will also help open your eye. (We like the Imlee eyebrow pencil, $11.)

Of course, feel free to go even bolder if the spirit moves you! “Obviously, I’m in full support of the bold brow trend!” says Sarah Conley of “If you’re going for drama, the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow (, $20) is the way to go! It helps to fill in the thinner areas and really adds that extra depth.”

To make your brows look fuller, Farrell suggests trying a brow powder over a pencil. “Anastasia brow products are all you will ever need,” she says. Try the Anastasia Brow Whiz (Sephora, $21).

3. Once you’ve defined and filled in your brows, use the multi-task brow brush to once again comb through brow hairs.
This is an important step we don’t want to skip. The brush naturally blends pencil marks against skin and will spread color evenly between hairs. Combing through and blending properly will help accomplish those bold brows without giving you that garish, painted-on look.

Aly Walansky is Completely You’s beauty and lifestyle blogger. She also blogs at her own blog, A Little Aly-tude, and writes about beauty, fashion and travel. Her work has appeared on many websites, including and


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