Boy Is Expelled Over His Mother’s Facebook Status – Right or Not?


Boy Is Expelled Over His Mother’s Facebook Status – Right or Not?

Huffington Post is reporting that a Florida mother’s Facebook status didn’t go over so well with her son’s preschool.

The boys Mother “Ashley Habat recently complained on Facebook after the Sonshine Christian Academy didn’t give enough notice about picture day. Even though Habat said her Facebook post was private, she still tagged the school, and the next day she was reportedly told by school administrators that the school would not be a good fit for her son, according to Jacksonville, Florida outlet WJXT-TV.”

They said that  ” Habat asked: “Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will’s School? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant.”

Watch the video here 

boy expelled over moms facebook status

“A letter of dismissal was given to Habat from the school said her “relationship with Sonshine did not get off to a very good start the first day of school,” stating that she “utilized social media to call into question not only the integrity but the intelligence of our staff. … These actions are also consistent with sowing discord, which is spoken of in the handbook you signed.”

The Huffington Post says that “The school would  not respond to questions about the incident”

What do you think about this?


Natalie Klein

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  1. I agree with the school reaction as to the mothers behavior. It is a Christian school, people pay money to send their kids there. Obviously it must be a reputable school otherwise she wouldn’t have sent her child there. Me as a mother, I would not want to be paying for my child to attend a school where parents behave in such way. That is disrespectful not only for her child, but to the schools reputation. We need to learn how to behave as parents and set an example for our children. If we have a problem with the school or a teacher, we need to address it directly to the school or person we are having the problem with and not post it on FB or any other social media site. By doing such post, the only thing we are showing is the lack of respect for one self and making hour self look like uneducated/unmannered individuals. How can we teach our children to have respect and to have good manners if us as adults can behave like such?

  2. I believe this is wrong on so many levels. Sure she probably shouldn’t have tagged the school…. however, she was voicing her opinion. Since when is that against the rules,? I encourage my children to voice theirs and stand up for their rights. No body should be treated less than for their beliefs. It was purely her opinion. We have the freedom of speech, as long as its the truth.

    And to punish the child because you dont believe the mother is correct… to me it sounds as though the issue the mother had was an issue worth fighting for.. if you want to dismiss the CHILD and his education because she offended your staff and their teaching abilities. Wow, kuddos to you. You really proved your teaching abilities on this one.

    Since when has dismissing and ignoring the issue worked? I thought we were supposed to teach our children how to face issues in life and work them out , not throw them away and ignore them and hope they just disappear. Specially if the issue involves a childs education and future!!!

  3. I as a parent in the real world know that you will deal with all types of people no matter where you are. We as parents christian or not should be teaching our children to be respectful. Part of being respectful is to be patient and understanding.
    I do agree she should have talked to them personally. And not have tagged them in her post.
    We all make mistakes in our times of anger. So when someone doesn’t agree with how you handle your moment of anger should your child be the one to suffer.

    Christian school or not doesnt matter.

    Expelling a child for his mothers opinion that you say she should have talked to them in person to solve the issue. Did they talk to her before they expelled her son? Two wrongs will NEVER make a right.

  4. Our self*

    Hour = in an hour ill be there.
    Our = making our self sound uneducated/ un-mannered individuals.

  5. Why do people plaster they’re problems on FB?
    As a mother, you should act your age, not your shoe size..
    If she’s going to be immature about something as insignificant as picture day, then “punish” the mother, not the child.

  6. This us a prime example of the disconnect between social media and the REAL world. If she had an issue then she should have an actual conversation with the school and not be a cyber bully and voice her concerns to everyone. If you would not talk about it or say it to someone then you should not post it!! Some people want to say ” Oh it’s just Facebook or Twitter” or one of the many social media outlets so is not that big if a deal but the reality is it is a big deal and you should treat what you post like your having a conversation with hundreds of people or speaking to a large audience. People read it and it has consequences. Just like any words you speak your responsible for the outcome. When it’s a positive outcome it’s great, if it’s a negative outcome they whine that it’s not a big deal.

  7. It’s basically a private school….they can make whatever rule they want, no matter how stupid it seems, AND she DID sign the handbook basically agreeing to that.

    Now if it were a public school, that would be a different matter.

  8. The school certainly has the right to say we prefer not to do business with you. The vocabulary here may not be correct, they are not truly expelling the student, they are telling the mother that they prefer not to have her business.

  9. Tricia I agree completely with you. My son goes to a religious school, and you pay tuition to them. It’s very much a business transaction. You sign a handbook and a code of conduct for you, as well as your child. If you do not hold up to that agreement, or vise versa, the contract can be terminated.

    Most schools pass out “save the dates” very early in the year, or they send emails, or they post it on the school’s website….or dare I say, their Facebook, which she tagged in her post.

    The child is not being punished in this case, in fact, the school, by the mother’s own admission, has had several issues. Realistically, I do not see how the administration would be able to have a comfortable working relationship with this person. They did the correct thing.

  10. I would be pulling my child put from that Christian school. First of all that was very unChristian of them to punish the kid for his mother’s wrong doing. The child was innocent! Second, if that’s what the school’s implying–your way or the highway– I would gladly take the highway. They cannot just simply dismiss the issue and just throw the towel without even discussing the issue. Is that what they’re trying to teach the children? Just do what you want and believe what you think is right and not hear the other person’s side and actually deal with the problem? Turn your back on it and it will go away? Lastly, I do agree that the mother was utterly immature and stupid on how she handled this problem and probably needed to be smacked upside her head, but the child did nothing wrong. Expulsion from school was a little too much.

  11. I agree with the school. If mom dislikes it so much, now she can go find a better fit for her and her son. Give his space to someone else who wants it.

  12. She agreed to not “sow discord ” according to the school’s handbook. She made the decision to have him go there instead of a public school. Follow the rules or don’t have your child there. If she tagged the school in her status, administration and other parents could see her status. Why tag the school if you want your status to be “private”? I think she did not expect them to follow through and she is trying to back track now. Now she has the great opportunity to send him to the perfect school out there, yea right. Sure you can exercise your freedom of speech but. However, please understand that other people have freedom too. Could someone tell me how the school could have punished her that would not have resulted in a rightful lawsuit? I can’t come up with anything that a general parent would be ok with.

  13. The mother did however sign the handbook which outlined this type of behavior. She clearly broke the rules and the result was expulsion.

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