Boy’s Reaction To Finding Out He’s Getting Triplet Sisters Is Hilarious!

Dec 10, 2015 at 11:30 am |

Normally gender reveals are a time of happiness and tears of joy. That is, unless you’re the only boy in the family and you already have an older sister and you just found out that your mom is having triplet GIRLS!

That’s the situation for little Nolan Van Vels, who recently learned that this mom and dad were expecting three more girls to add to the family. Parents Matthew and Missy arranged for a ‘gender reveal’ for Nolan and filmed him opening three separate bags that each contain a balloon – either pink of blue. Nolan shared with his parents that he was hoping for two boys and one girl, and needless to say he was less than thrilled when he discovered three pink balloons in the bags.

While poor little Nolan is a bit upset at the prospect of three more girls in the house, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled when his sisters are finally here! Mom and dad tried to comfort little Nolan and reassure him that he wouldn’t have to share any toys and that he’d be the ‘Prince of the house’ but he was simply inconsolable!

I kinda feel for little Nolan here, but this is a pretty funny video!


All he wanted was a brother!