Breaking Bad Star Anna Gunn.. Enter With Caution She’s A REAL MOM

Breaking Bad Star Anna  Gunn.. Enter With Caution She’s A REAL MOM.

Breaking Bad star and acclaimed actress Anna Gunn, talks about juggling motherhood with her dream job, her favorite recent vacation with her girls, and the celeb mom she’d most love to work with. It goes to show you how good of an actress Anna Gunn really is, she is so convincing on Breaking Bad, we forget she is a REAL MOM, we sat down with this hard working, fun loving, well spoken mom of two….

On a scale of 1-10 how tech savvy are you?  “How about a negative 57?  I’m not kidding”

Do you have a smartphone and if so what is your favorite application or is there a website you can’t live without or get enough of.  “Yes, I have a smart phone.  My favorite app right now is an AT&T voice navigation system.  I still, after five years in Albuquerque and being from New Mexico, do not know my way around the city.

You have gotten accolades for your portrayal of Skylar White on the hit series Breaking Bad. What can you tell us about the last season of much anticipated drama returning this summer (July 15th)  “Bigger, badder, darker, dirtier, funnier.”

What is your favorite part of filming the show?  “I really love the fact, and it’s rare in television, that they write these really long, meaty scenes – and I love that they write these scenes for me and Walt.  It’s like riding a roller coaster going around hair pin turns and curves that you don’t expect.”

What is your least favorite part?  “I’m whimpy as weather goes now because I’ve been in California too long so I melt in the heat.  I can handle the cold better but the heat is not my friend.  If that’s the biggest complaint you have, you’re a lucky girl.”

How do you balance work schedule with raising your kids?  “Ugh, it’s tough. It’s a constant challenge.  I try to put one hat at a time and really be present in that role.  If I put my mom hat on, I try very hard to just be in mom mode; put the phone down, put the computer down, put the script down, just be with my kids.  Then when it’s time for me to go to work, I try to fully immerse myself in that.  Although, there’s always one part of me that is looking at my messages and looking at my texts making sure that everything is ok with the kids.  But it’s a juggling act.  It’s a balancing act as every working parent knows and you try to do your best day by day.’

So far who are some of your favorite actors you have worked with?  “I’m working with all of them, I think, right now on this show.” Who would you love to work with in the future.  “Meryl Streep.  Please, please, please Meryl Streep.”

Tell us about a great vacation you recently took and/or any fun summer getaways for you and your daughters?  “Last summer, when I had to do a job in Toronto, I took my kids with me and it was a great working vacation.  I had never been to that part of the world before and we had a blast.  We went to Niagara Falls.  We took a boat ride.  It’s really beautiful up in Toronto and there’s tons of stuff to do.  I took them to two musicals.  Thee was a new Cirque du Soldeil show premiering up there at that time. We went to a blues brunch one Sunday morning that someone local told me about.  We really had a great time.”

The best thing about being a mom, or what you think makes you a great mom.  “The best thing about being a mom is watching my kids have pure joy and and wondering in discovering.  It reminds me of what it delightful and wonderous and is something that maybe I’ve missed or forgotten about for years.  To watch it through them helps me put myself back in touch with it too.”  

Is there a special fun or unique family tradition you started or that you carry on?  “I love every holiday and when I was a kid, I always wanted to decorate the house.  But my mom is an interior designer and doesn’t necessarily want things taped to the walls, so I didn’t get to do that too much.  Now that I’m a mom, I have boxes and bins in the garage for ever holiday.  I’m talking for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, 4th of July and my kids and I decorate the house for every holiday.  The stuff that we have grows and it’s quite the production.  I like the celebration of these kinds of things.”


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16 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Star Anna Gunn.. Enter With Caution She’s A REAL MOM”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Breaking Bad! I really think it’s one of the best written and acted tv dramas ever. Ana is great and I can’t wait for season 5 to start in a few weeks! This was really fun to read about her life as a working mom.

  2. Sounds like she has the same struggles all moms have – how to juggle it all. Sounds like she’s getting it figured out though!

    (My husband has watched the series and says it’s a great series! I keep meaning to track down the episodes because I want to watch from the begining!)

  3. Breaking Bad is one of my husband’s favorite shows (I am too much of a wuss to watch it). It is nice to see actresses as real people every once in a while.

  4. Such a fun post! It’s nice to go beyond the character and get a glimpse of the real person portraying her.

  5. I love Breaking Bad! Skylar really came into her own element in the second season and I love how the character has evolved. I hope she wins an award for her work.

  6. Great interview – and I love her thing about going totally into “mom mode” when she’s with her kids (putting down the phone, computer, etc.). She sounds like a real down-to-earth person.

  7. Jeanne, when she found out today that she received a emmy nomination she was trying to be quite at 5:00 am not to wake the girls.. but then she had to give in and wake them up and do a squealing dance!! soooo cute!

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