CAR SEAT ALERT: Can Wearing A Winter Coat While In A Car Seat Dangerous For Your Child?

For those of you who live in parts of the world where it gets very cold in the winter, it’s the norm to put your child in their car seat wearing their winter coat. I know I always had my kids bundled up in the cold winter months when I put them in their car seats because it was freezing outside. However you may not know that bulky winter coats and car seats can be a dangerous mix.

Sue Auriemma from Kids and Cars recently appeared on The Today Show and illustrated the dangers that can arise when you strap your child in to their car seat while wearing their winter coat. Their straps, which may appear to be snug when strapped in, actually aren’t because the bulky coat prevents them from actually keeping your child restrained. When the straps aren’t snug the child is at risk of being thrown out of their car seat if an accident is to happen.


While I understand how important car seat safety is, it seems that these straps in this video really weren’t that snug before the accident. I’m not saying that wearing bulky clothes in a car seat isn’t a safety hazard, but it seems that in the video the straps weren’t snug to begin with. Still, it’s a valuable piece of information for parents who have children who use car seats.

You might be wondering what the alternative is for your child, especially if you live in a part of the world that gets particularly cold in the winter.  “Instead of putting the coat on him, you can put the coat over him to keep him warm,” Auriemma said. “Or you can use a blanket.”

What do you think Hot Moms? Do you put your kids in their car seats wearing their winter coats, or do you cover them once they’re in the car?


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