Do you want help with your toddler/baby whose behavior issues are about to send you OVER THE EDGE?  Do you sometimes think your family could be a candidate for Nanny 911 or Supernanny?  Does your little one…Throw tantrums?  Bite their siblings or preschool mates?  Have sleep issues?  Throw food at every meal?  Have that inevitable meltdown whenever you try to take them to run errands?  

Pie Town Productions is currently seeking parents with children (between the ages 9 months to 48 months) who desperately want parenting advice for a two day shoot in late-June with a noted pediatrician/child behavior expert.  This is for a MAJOR cable network pilot presentation.

If you are interested, please email your name, contact info, age of your child, specific “problem” behavior you’re dealing with and a photo of you and your child. Put the name “Toddler!” in the subject line of your email.  Email your submission to: [email protected]


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