Catch the ball or get out of the way!

Ok, now we have all been informed lately of bad parents in the stands coming to blows with other parents not to mention coaches, yes? Well, this topic goes on and on. Everyone has a story and again I believe these situations are comon sense.  Do I think anyone should come to blows? NO! Do I think I would like to come to blows with a few? YES!  But not for the reason you think. You see, I am not one of these parents that thinks their kid can do no wrong. I am a parent that believes my job as a mom is to pick out what needs to be corrected in order for my child to sprout their wings and fly! Now I do this with sports as well. My son happens to be on an All-Star baseball team and is one of the top 3 players on the team. However, if I see my son not hitting so great, I KNOW he is not hitting so great, it’s pretty black and white for me. What’s not black and white are the parents that constantly complain that their kid is not a starting player or only playing outfield, when they have one of the worst players on the team!!! COME ON!!! you are at the practices, you see them constantly miss balls and not make plays and strike out…….who are you kidding? Not to mention the pressure you are putting on the child. They know where they stand in the pecking order, quite telling them they should bat third!  Again, this is an All-Star team I am talking about here,where they travel to play in tournaments, not a regular season baseball team that alternates positions to make the season fair. There is no FAIR in all-stars, there is only WIN.  It’s the coaches job to play his best players in the best positions in order to win…..PERIOD! Now I say SHUT-UP or get off the team!     AKA Catch the ball or get out of the way!

I have to say something else here. I was a dancer that started dancing in Jr. High school(late for a dancer) and wanted to dance so much that I paid my own way through classes. I would NEVER have wanted my teachers or god forbid my Mom to tell my teacher to put me in front of the recital if I wasn’t near the talent of the other dancers, can you imagine?  In fact, for a long time, I WASN’T as talented, but guess what? I worked my but off and became such the dancer that I ended up making a nice living as a dancer in three different company’s at once.  Would I have pushed myself if someone just put me in the front because they loved me or played favorites, absolutely not! these kids will figure it out for themselves, we just have to stay the heck out of the way and be there to support them when they need us.

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