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If you love to take family trips, like Tori & Dean and other celeb parents, SugarSync offers a great tool to stay connected to make summer travel a breeze. With SugarSync, you can access all your data from all your devices, anytime anywhere (edit work docs from your mobile phone, access your home music library, access your laptop photos from your iPad, etc) plus stay connected with your travel companions, share photos, keep your plans organized and more…all while on the go.

[ad type=”above-image-1″]Instagram / @torispelling

Instagram / @torispelling

Here are some unique and fun features below that makes SugarSync a must-have tool for any parent this summer. PLUS 5GB is FREE…so mom’s don’t have to fork up a penny to use all of the features, upload their photos, videos, music, data and more!

[ad type=”above-image-1″]Credit: Instagram / @victoriabeckham

Credit: Instagram / @victoriabeckham

Online Vacation Planner: Collaborate with family and friends on upcoming vacations. Share entire folders with your travel companions to view flight schedules, hotel options, menu’s and other documents so everyone on the trip can access at anytime and be in sync to ensure a smoother vacation.

·         Everyone Gets the Picture:  After a big vacation with extended family or a group of friends, set up a folder so everyone can share their photos.  Unlike other options, everyone gets high-resolution images and from there you can create photobooks and albums to preserve the vacation memories.

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·         Lighten Your Luggage – Go Mobile! – Leave the laptop at home, all you need is your phone (or tablet!)  Access all the data from your home/work PC, stream your entire music and photo collection and share your travel pics with friends and family right from your mobile device.

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·         Share Your Travel Experiences — Real-Time:  Sync your mobile photos with your friends and loved ones.  Snap pictures with your phone and everyone participating in your synced folder will get the pictures instantaneously. It is a great way to share fun travel moments and beautiful sites and scenes —especially with far away family and friends.  


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