Celebrities + Volkswagen = FLOCKS for Fraggle Rock

joey lawrenceCelebrities + Volkswagen = FLOCKS for Fraggle Rock.  HOLY MOLY!!! It was a regular Wednesday Night and I will say it takes A LOT for me to get out of the house and leave the kids especially in this cold weather, but I had heard there was this incredible new line of jewelry and accessories for Fraggle Rock YES Fraggle Rock and was super curious to see the Fraggle Rock Volkswagen Routan .

Have you ever been to a celebrity event at Kitson in Beverly Hills it was my first and super exciting! I don’t get celebrity shocked but this was a crowd to FaceBook and Twitter about:)

Jim Henson Company presented The Dr. Romanelli Fraggle Rock Clothing Collaboration & The Anita Ko Fraggle Rock Costume Jewelry Collection which can be purchased at Kitson.com with special presentation of the Fraggle Rock Volkswagen Routan and A Toy Drive to benefit the L.A. Mission.

Who was there you ask? When I first walked in I saw Paris & Nicky Hilton and knew the crowd could only get more interesting. I headed in to see The Anita Ko Fraggle Rock Costume Jewelry Collection!   I looked around the room and could see Melissa Joan Hart & son,  Carmen Electra, Shana Moakler, Debi Mazar, Monet Mazur & son.  and Allison Janney.  Then I finally had the chance in person to meet Chandi and Joey Lawrence since we are doing their nursery with pregnancy magazine and had such a lovely conversation with them.  While we were chatting Chandi introduced me to Karina Smirnoff ( she was soooo super sweet).  After chatting I looked around and was introduced to Stephanie Pratt ( ok, I know but I am a FAN and I did it for you gals:)

I decided to go check things out side where they had Fraggles and Snow and from a far I saw him… it was a ray of light but yes it was Gilles Marini… ahhhhh !!! then quickly I left that world and was saw Samantha Harris,  Kevin Sorbo & family,  Kellie Martin, Meaghan Martin, Molly Quinn, Britanny Curran, Katie Gill, Chloe Bridges, Annie Duke & Joe Reitman, Ashley Argota, Jordan Pruitt, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Jonathan Morgan Heit, Red Fraggle and more.  But the really cool part was being able to meet Ziggy Marley & family , and Lady Gaga.  I did not go up and speak to them, I am not like that at all.  I always respect the space of a celebrity/musician … but, they were standing near me outside waiting to leave and I had a chance to chat, which was only because Ziggy is so super sweet and his kids are adorable and an easy convo to have.

OK, HERE IS SOME SCOOP!!!    Jennifer Love Hewitt snuck in the back entrance of KITSON.  Both Jennifer Love and Jamie Kennedy are huge Fraggle Rock fans and loved the Fraggle Volkswagen Routan. Jennifer Love even after shooting an 18 hour day with her debut to direct the 100th episode of Ghost Whisper she still came out to Rally and hang out with Red Fraggle.

Nicky and Paris were excited to have a girl’s shopping night out and were buying outfits for their family holiday party coming up…When asked what Paris thought of the Tiger scandal she said boys will be boys…..Also, Paris loved the Fraggle Rock Volkswagen Routan and she wants to find a way to drive it….

Gilles was wishing he brought his family but his kids go to sleep before 7 p.m. and it was way past their bedtime.  Gilles was also chatting  to Karina and telling her he wished that he could have had two dancing partners cause he is a huge fan of hers…

Samantha Harris was so excited to run into her DWTS friends but she was bummed that her kids weren’t able to finally meet Gilles and Karina.

Shar Jackson was asked what she thought of Tiger Woods and her response “I don’t think about Tiger.”  Also, she was supportive that Kevin Federline was finally looking good and wished him the best. Here is what the celebs were saying about Tiger


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