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Celebrity mums are renowned for their unusual weight-loss secrets, as well as their not-so secret tricks. It seems as through Beyonce is no exception as she is striving in minimize weight-gain during her pregnancy. The actress and singer had her first child in January  along with husband Jay-Z, who has reportedly been sticking to a mostly vegan diet for the pregnancy. The couple have been eating strictly healthy foods in order to minimize the weight that she has gained and they have remained committed to this rule throughout the past months.

The type of meals that they have been eating include tofu and stir-fried vegetables so that they can maintain a balanced diet. So while many expectant mums tend to indulge their cravings with junk food while they relax or play Foxy Bingo, Beyonce has been much more strict with herself, while of course relaxing as well. In addition to eating well, she has also been very active during her pregnancy, which is also important for pregnant women if they want to avoid putting on excessive amounts of weight while they are pregnant.

The idea that pregnancy does not mean you have to eat unhealthy foods and binge uncontrollably is a popular one among health experts. While some celebrities lose their baby weight alarmingly quickly after giving birth, experts generally agree that you can avoid gaining excessive baby weight in the first place, to reduce the need to lose vast amounts of weight you have had the baby. As long as you eat plenty of healthy foods including fruit, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats, then there is no need to binge. As well as eating well, stretching is important, to maintain a strong body for after the baby is born. Beyonce seems to be doing well and we will have to wait and see what her post-baby weight-loss plans are.


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  1. “Cover after cover we see celebrity moms grace the pages of UsMagazine, OK! and Star as we storm through the grocery stores stocking up on baby food and diapers. Depression sets in as you see these women flaunting their abs two weeks post baby and declaring “How I dropped 35lbs in 6 weeks with one healthy snack!” What?! You bag up your groceries (if you’re like me and actually think self check-out is faster) having bought every issue of said magazines to find out how to drop that baby weight. Most recently my husband caught me completely caught up in what could only be important breaking news. “Whatcha reading” he asked as I replied “the news….and by news I mean!” We both laughed as I obviously don’t believe it to be news! Come to think of it I hope he knew I was kidding, eek!

    Anyway, I got to thinking, why do I buy this crap and read it when I know the facts vs. the fiction?!….

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Our philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom, unless you are the best YOU’.

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