Celebrity Nanny “EXPERT” Shares Tips to Working for the Stars

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The Celebrity Nanny Matchmaker and confidant Brooke Barousse, has placed nannies for some of Hollywood’s hottest parents.  She has seen everything when it comes to finding the right help for celebrities! With the influx of multiple births and adding to siblings to the family, nannies are the sure way to manage it all!  Her agency Lexington Nannies, is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets and most referred resource.  For those looking to get into the “nanny business” or just looking for a sneak peek in the lifestyle of A-list celebs, Brooke shares her tips for working with the stars:


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2 thoughts on “Celebrity Nanny “EXPERT” Shares Tips to Working for the Stars”

  1. I’ve worked as a celebrity nanny for the last decade and I’ve never heard of this agency. I’m friends with a few of the nannies that work for these families and they actually found these positions through another LA agency. I think it’s pretty concerning that this agency owner is pretending to have worked with these families.

  2. Thank you for sharing. She is not claiming to work with these celebrities moms she is just suggesting what kind of personality may work best with them. We do appreciate your concern and thank you for commenting.

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