This Is Why Ciao Bella Is In Season All Year Around

I know it’s the holidays and everyone is home cuddling up by the fire and watching their favorite movies on the couch, but with the New Year right around the corner, I can’t help but think about my next vacation. Somewhere that I can enjoy good weather and good food or in my family’s case, a good gelato that could please the palate after finishing off a calorific bowl full of pasta and a good glass of wine (yes, my head is surely in the Italian Riviera right now although my body is tucked indoors insider my home!).

I mean, if it were up to my kids they’d be eating gelato 365 days a year, no matter what the weather looked like outside, ha! (But then again, did I say my kids? I meant me. * Wink *) Our family’s favorite go-to brand is the simply rich and decadent Ciao Bella, which seriously makes me think of booking my next vacation to the Italian Riviera (it’s that good!). There are a few new flavors to choose from, including their Madagascar Vanilla, Brown Sugar Caramel and my personal favorite, the Honey Almond Nougat (which I can’t help but buy each time I stop by my local Whole Foods!).

The good thing about Ciao Bella is that they work perfectly as great toppings on your favorite desserts, too. Whether you are topping your pumpkin pie with Madagascar Vanilla, ramping up your pecan pie with a scoop of Brown Sugar Caramel, you’ll be either enjoying every calorie that comes with the holiday season or thinking about that well-deserved vacation that’s only a few short months away (like me!). Simply put, you have plenty of reasons to enjoy the best gelato that Ciao Bella has to offer, no matter what time of the year it is or how the weather looks like outdoors. Delicious tasting dessert is always in season, isn’t it?

For more, check out Ciao Bella here.

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Joanna has been following the world of entertainment and celebrities since '05, having served as the Editor-in-Chief of Celebrity News Service and as a personal assistant for one of the original James Bond screenwriters, producer Kevin McClory during her days in Ireland. These days she’s a mother, warrior, celebrity writer and Disney dreamer. And she eats a lot of peanut butter M&Ms, as well.

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