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Cindy Margolis is a Hot Mom inside and out! This mom talks about her struggles with infertily in the hopes to support and encourage other moms going through the same pain and heartache.

“Infertility can be hard physically, emotionally and financially. It’s by far one of the toughest challenges you will ever face. It is truly a miracle when a pregnancy is achieved, no matter what medical means cindy margolis are used. No one should be ashamed of infertility. Becoming a mother has been the greatest achievement and most humbling experience I’ve ever known. It has been a time of such anticipation, optimism and dreaming…and fear, insecurity and self doubt…but I’ve never been happier! I want everyone who wants children and cannot conceive naturally to know they have options. It is all worth the journey when you hold your precious child in your arms.” Cindy Margolis: Mother of 3, Internet Star, Supermodel, Actress and Author

Cindy’s son Nicholas was conceived by invetro fertilization and her two daughters Sierra and Sabrina were born to surrogate mother, Shannon Strenger on July 17th of this year in St. Paul Minnesota.

Guy and I knew we wanted to have children right away. But after two years of trying to get pregnant, we needed to seek help from an infertility specialist, Honestly, did we ever think our perfect family would be conceived by IVF and a surrogate mother – no, of course not. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still perfect and a blessing.”

The Miracle of Motherhood On September 6th, 1998 after meeting each other on a blind date (yes, I recommend blind dates to everyone out there as you never know who you’re gonna meet!) and dating for a year and a half…I married the man of my dreams….restaurant owner Guy Starkman. We wanted to start a family right away and prayed we would conceive on our honeymoon. Month after month we would get our hopes up and be sadly disappointed. After two years of trying, our hopes were not high of being able to conceive naturally and we decided to seek the advice of a Fertility Specialist. After my husband and I were given test after test we were told we had ‘unexplained infertility.’ As crazy as this sounds I was hoping they would find something wrong so we could work on curing a specific problem. We were told it could take years for me to become pregnant naturally. Longing to be a mother and now in my 30’s, we decided to look into IVF -In Vitro Fertilization.

There are several options for couples struggling with infertility and IVF seemed like the best one for us…after a series of daily shots (ouch!) IVF involves collecting eggs and sperm from a couple and placing them together to fertilize outside the body. The fertilized eggs are then transferred into the women’s uterus, where implantation and embryo development will hopefully occur just as in a normal pregnancy. What they don’t always tell you is this procedure doesn’t always work on the first try. The dream of Motherhood is not always the easiest road and at times we lost faith. But we knew in our hearts it was all so worth it. So AFTER my fourth IVF and a GIFT procedure I finally got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy! So for all of you still struggling with these same issues….remember….See your dream, envision your pregnancy, and believe! 🙂

(Addtional infomation about Cindy’s doctors and GIFT can be found at

I had a very hard pregnancy, for us, being pregnant was a time of such anticipation, optimism and dreaming…and fear, insecurity and self doubt. We had never been so scared or so happy! I was in the High Risk Pregnancy Unit of the Tarzana Hospital at 24 weeks of pregnancy due to many complications that risked our baby’s life. I also had to stay on bed rest until I delivered. And to add even more stress at this particular time of our life, we were told another child would just be too risky. On June 9, 2002 when our healthy, happy baby boy Nicholas Isaac was finally born… we weren’t just relieved…we were the most joyous and the most grateful of any two parents you might ever meet. He was indeed our little personal miracle…. our very own glimpse of heaven wrapped up in a little blue receiving blanket. He was beautiful! And becoming his parents that afternoon in June was the greatest achievement and most humbling experience Guy and I have ever known. We thank God everyday for our precious Nicholas and as we watch him grow, we realize all over again how truly blessed we are to have him in our lives. There are moments when I watch Guy and Nicholas play together that I think my heart will just burst…it is so full of love and happiness! When I hear him holler ‘Mommy come see’… or ‘Mommy come play’… I have to sometimes stop the tears from welling up in my eyes … remembering a time… not so long ago when I thought I would never hear anyone call me by that name. As much as I thought we wanted a child… as wonderful as you can only imagine being a parent is…Guy and I have both learned that it is just so much more! There are nights you can’t sleep… for sure. But in exchange you get moments you can’t describe. Moments you can’t imagine could ever be yours. Moments you just can’t believe will ever come again! And then they do the very next day when your little guy wakes you up with a great big “Good Morning Mommy and Daddy!” Nicholas has changed our lives in so many wonderful ways. He has taught us that as much as we thought we knew…we know nothing! We learn new and wondrous things every day just as he does. As happy as we thought we were…there is no limit to the happy moments ahead for our little family.

Cindy is the National Spokeswoman for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

“I am delighted to work with RESOLVE, to help raise awareness about the issues and support people experiencing infertility. RESOLVE is such a well-respected and valuable organization, I am grateful to be able to contribute to the important work being done to support family building issues, from lobbying for greater insurance coverage, research and public education to helping more women and men cope with their challenge and make informed choices about their treatment and other options,”

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, headquartered in Bethesda, MD, is a consumer-based, nonprofit group that, since 1974, has provided education, advocacy and support to those struggling with infertility. Each year, National RESOLVE and its network of more than 40 chapters across the U.S. handle over 1.5 million contacts from people seeking information about infertility. For more information, visit the RESOLVE website at for more information about her and her incredible story. Go here to read her touching letter to her surrogate mother.

Also… for more about Surrogate Parenting, feel free to contact the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) at their website –

You can also join the growing community of surrogacy families and their wonderful stories at


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