Clean Out Your Closet Party?!?

According to the ancient art of feng shui, clutter drains your energy and can block the flow of positive energy, if that isn’t motivating enough to clean out your closet, throwing a party with fabulous and stylish friends may do the trick.

Nothing is more theraputic than cleaning out and organizing your things and making room for the new.. every spring I host a ‘Clean Out Your Closet’ Party for all of my girlfriends…It’s our annual event that everyone looks forward to, it’s the perfect excuse to get together.  Filled with  snacks, wine, desserts and of course bags of clothes, each person brings their old dresses, blouses, pants, shoes, jackets and jewelry~ we talk, laugh and exhange… everyone leaves with something “new’ and whatever isn’t chosen is donated to a woman’s shelter.  So it leaves good feelings all the way around,It’s recycyling at it’s best…

Tips for Successfully Cleaning Out Your Closet, and Keeping it Clean!

clean out your closet party

1. Set aside a few hours; take a rainy or cold afternoon, and go through your closet, this is a great way to take inventory on what you have, what you need to get for the new season etc…I’ve often put together outfits I didn’t think of beofore and found things I forgot about.   Try on everything you are not sure about, you’d be surprised at hw some things fit.

2. Invest in nice hangers; Joan Crawford said it best~ “no more wire hangers!”  everything hangs nicer and looks more polished when it is haning on wood or felt hangers.  It’s a simple thing that really does make a big difference.

3. Color Coordinate;  I separate my clothes by colors, it’s also coordinated and also broken up into casual and formal, this helps me locate items easily when I need them.

4. Display only season appropriate clothes; Too avoid clutter I box up my winter clothes in summer and my summer items in winter.

5. The year to wear it trick; A friend of mine swears by this, every time she wears something she turns the hanger around, after a year if she hasn’t worn it, she donates or saves for our party…

6. Reward; it feels so good to have a clean closet, you will get an energy boost right away, after I clean and purge my clothes, I like to reward myself with a purchase of something new I ‘need’ for the season to come.

Jessica Denay

Jessica Denay is the founder of Hot Moms Club, author of the Hot Moms Handbook series, and has appeared on more than a hundred television shows as a lifestyle expert, since 2005 she has dedicated her life to helping moms feel good about themselves. Jessica practices what she preaches, she strives to live a life of healthy and harmony, her wellness articles highlight all of the things that have help her achieve peace love and healthiness! ;-)

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