Coffin Nails Are The Coolest And Creepiest Nail Trend We’ve Seen This Year

Dec 30, 2015 at 12:33 pm |

I love watching new hair and nail trends, and I like sharing what I find here with you because I think you’re the type of women who appreciate my love of hair and nail trends. I’m pretty basic with my manicure but I always have my nails done. I like a rounded nail, kept relatively short, and I prefer a matte polish, although right now I’m rocking a shiny silver look because it’s the holidays.

There’s a new trend in nails that is pretty popular right now, thanks in no part to that youngest Jenner girl (Kylie) who likes to wear them, and they’re called coffin nails. The reason for their rather creepy name is because your nails are shaped to look like a coffin, like this.


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See the resemblance?








This latest nail trend might sound creepy, but the results are pretty cool. This might be the perfect nail look for NYE.