Community Rallies Around Firefighter With Brain Cancer To Pay Off His Mortgage

Feb 5, 2016 at 2:29 pm |

Kevin Sikkema is a former Jenison, Michigan area firefighter who is now fighting cancer. Diagnosed with brain cancer in May of 2014, Kevin was forced to stop working in March of 2015 due to suffering from frequent seizures.

Not being able to work made Kevin and his wife Amy fearful that they wouldn’t be able to pay their bills. Amy was Kevin’s caregiver at home and in addition they have three children together. That’s when The Georgetown Township Fire Department asked the Sikkema’s if they would be ok with a GoFundMe campaign being set up in hopes of alleviating their mortgage debt.

Kevin told TODAY  “This is something we’re going to be dealing with forever. Our community wanted to try and lift any burden they could for us and thought our mortgage was something they could make go away.”

The GoFundMe campaign began and a little over 3 months later and the Sikkema’s now have one less worry on their plate, with more than the target of $100,000 raised.


When a local firefighter had to stop working due to brain cancer, his community rallied around him to help his family pay off his mortgage.