Cookies in the Window, Make Sure They Come in the Right Package!

cassiopeI grew up with a very large chested mom. I think at one point she disclosed to me she was a size G! WHAT?!?! I had never heard of that size nor did I EVER want to be that size being the dancer I was. I saw her struggle to find bras that fit and that didn’t look ugly or cut into her shoulders. Non the less, she always wore UGLY bras that never fit or supported her properly. But they did make nice “pillows” when I was little ; )

Now, I remember, on several occasions, women telling me I should take the time to get “fit” properly, but honestly, the thought of some strange lady working around my chitty chitty bang bangs didn’t really appeal to me, so I continued to visited my local Victoria’s Secret and purchase the bra’s I THOUGHT were my size, and yes, I too am large chested. Having two kids that did breast feed, most of you can relate to the fact that your breast size can change throughout your life which doesn’t help matters.

By the grace of God, I recently happened to be working on a set where I met a fellow large chested woman who seemed to have it all together. Damn her! As wardrobe changes were happening we, actually me, started discussing how hard it is to find bras for my (and her) size. She was so excited to tell me about this brand new bra that she just found, the timing was crazy perfect as I was broken down enough and had wasted enough money on all the wrong bras that I listened with open eager ears. Why do we moms never take the time or spend the money on ourselves especially when it comes to a necessity? We are all walking around in the wrong bra size and bras!! That is a lot of unsupported boobies out there. My lord women it’s become an epidemic!

Ok, so I DID have to go get fiited properly….dang it! Truthfully, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and heck, after childbirth, nothing really is! I went to my local lingerie store and tried on the Empreinte line that all really good lingerie stores carry, in fact the second I walked in and told them I was told to try a certain bra on, they all new exactly the bra line I was talking about before I was even able to pull it up on my phone!  I had two women bringing me these gorgeous bras that were so unbelievably beautiful yet super duper supportive…..what the heck have I been waiting for?!?! Because the store didn’t have the “brand new” one that my friend had recommended ( I wanted to buy all the ones I did try on) the rep for the company sent me the Cassiopee bra and matching panty. So, is it really worth the higher price, the fitting, and the specialty store? ABSOLUTELY!!! Not only does it fit like a glove, literally, it molds to your cup size!!! I have a perfect new shape under my T-shirts that’s sexy and subtle. I was so tired of that “push up” look but still wanted to look sexy. Guess what….Mission accomplished!


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