Creative Date Ideas for Adventurous Types

Creative Date Ideas for Adventurous Types

By Vanessa Voltolina

Creative date ideas for adventurous types. Let’s face it — a coffee shop date can be pretty boring. But thankfully, active dating is all the rage. It’s more fun, and it helps you better determine if you’d like a second date. Keep in mind: A successful first meet-and-greet isn’t only measured by what you talk about, but by how much fun you have together, whether than means exploring a city or being yogis side by side.

Pumped to make your next date active, but not sure where to begin? Find inspiration from these creative date ideas:

  • Dust off your ten-speed, or rent a bike by the hour through your city’s bike share program. Explore new roads and choose a final destination to powwow, such as a juice bar or self-serve frozen yogurt shop.
  • Your date could be the opportunity to hike a local park or new trail. Plan it on or download the National Parks app by National Geographic to find ideas close to home. Be sure to pack snacks — or even a whole picnic — to up the romance factor.
  • Test your strength by heading over to a rock climbing gym in your area. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, get sweaty together by searching For more extreme ideas — like whitewater rafting — check out’s Stir events.
  • Batter, batter! Nothing’s more American than baseball, so why not spend some time at a local batting cage?
  • Burn up the dance floor. If you’ve ever wanted to learn salsa — or bust some hip-hop dance moves — here’s your shot. Plan your date by finding promotions on deal sites, or call up a studio near you.

Start Small

Okay — so you know you want your next date to be active, but you aren’t ready to scale a mountain or jump out of a plane just yet. There are ways to get active without breaking a sweat:

  • Play a game of pool or ping-pong at your local pool hall.
  • Jazz up the quintessential mini golf date by finding a tricky themed course, or one illuminated by black lights, to test your skills.
  • Pack a picnic and go fly a kite in your local park.

Researching great first date ideas in advance and taking the time to plan can
help ensure that you’ll both have a great time — and score another

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