Cuisine That’s Lusciously Lean

Cuisine That’s Lusciously Lean

By Jackie Newgent

Cuisine that’s lusciously lean! I’ve been busy at work on my next cookbook. It’s all about
low-calorie cuisine. My secret is making the recipes taste so luscious
that you’ll never believe they’re light. After all, there’s no reason
why you shouldn’t have absolutely grin-worthy fare when trying to stay

So what are some of my taste-tempting secrets? Lucky for you, I don’t
know how to stay mum when it comes to clever tricks that can truly make
a difference for your health.

1. Use Un-milk. Plain almond milk averages just 50 calories a
cup. Replace regular milk with this nutty-flavored drink in recipes; it
provides a good texture and doesn’t separate easily like fat-free milk.

2. Go Grecian. Zero-fat Greek yogurt is super thick, providing
lots of nutritious creaminess for few calories. Whip some into eggs to
create deceivingly rich scrambled eggs. Or, make a tangy condiment by
combining equal parts yogurt and mayo.

3. Add Sass. Splash dark, leafy greens with lemon juice or
balsamic vinegar. The acidic nature cuts the bitterness and balances
taste, as well as satisfaction.

4. Turn up the Heat. When reducing fat or salt, you’re also
reducing flavor. Add depth to the taste by bringing on the heat. Add a
few drops of hot sauce or a touch of curry paste to your favorite meals.

5. Experiment With Extracts.
For the essence of deliciously rich cuisine without the calories, add
extracts. The tiny flavorful punches go way beyond vanilla with options
including pure coconut, almond and chocolate.

6. Love Umami.
Umami is the fifth sense of taste. It’s associated with a savory taste
due in part to an amino acid, called glutamate, in foods. When you can,
embrace the ingredients that boast high amounts — fully ripened
tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, naturally brewed soy sauce and green tea
— to add appeal to healthful meals.

is a registered dietitian, chef and award-winning author of
The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook and Big Green
Cookbook. She frequently appears as a culinary nutrition expert on television. Past appearances include
ABC’s “Good Morning America” and NBC’s “Dateline”. Visit her website,


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