Dad Who Chose Son With Down Syndrome Over Wife Who Didn’t Want Him Speaks Out One Year Later

Jan 25, 2016 at 3:49 pm |

Many of you will remember Samuel Forrest’s story. He was a New Zealand man living with his wife in Armenia when their son was born with Down Syndrome. Samuel said that his wife immediately issued him an ultimatum that they either gave the baby up for adoption or they divorced. Samuel chose his son, and immediately his story went viral. He set up a GoFundMe page so he could afford to return to New Zealand where he could raise his son as a single father.

It’s now a year later and Samuel’s son Leo is a happy and healthy one year old. In an interview with ABC news, Forrest said “he’s generally a very happy kid. He’s got a sense of humor … in many ways he’s not really different than a lot of other children. He’s got a lot of challenges, but to bring out the best of him you have to work with him differently than you would do another child.”

Samuel and Leo live in Auckland, New Zealand, but they don’t live alone. Samuel’s wife Ruzan, despite initially wanting to give her son up for adoption, called off divorce proceedings and reconciled with her family after about a month.

“It was pretty clear that the main things were cultural and huge pressure. About three-and-half weeks later, Ruzan got in touch with me through a friend and we ended up having a candid conversation through Skype. I finally agreed to meet her and she held little Leo for the first time.”

When Samuel Forrest’s son was born with Down Syndrome his wife gave him an ultimatum – the baby or her. He chose his baby, and now, one year later, he’s opening up about his life, including one surprise many might not have seen coming.