Do We Rely On Grandparents Too Much To Babysit?

Jan 5, 2016 at 2:29 pm |


Having four children in five years, I often found myself thanking my lucky stars that my kids had two sets of grandparents that were always there and willing to help me out when I needed it. Anytime my husband and I wanted a night away or even an afternoon to simply go grocery shopping alone, I knew I could call on either of our parents to watch our kids and they would do so willingly. This is a luxury neither of my parents had because that’s just not what grandparents did back when my parents were having their kids. Not to mention that both my parents are one of eleven children, so their parents were busy enough with their own kids they didn’t have time to worry about grandkids.

I’ve always used my parents and in-laws sparingly when it came to babysitting, trying to respect energy levels and age, and now that we live in different countries we only see each other a few times a year so they love the time they get to spend together, but it seems that grandparents of this generation are being expected to be far more hands on with our kids than in the past.

Florence Falk is a New York psychotherapist and says that grandparents who feel like they’re expected to ‘do more’ with their grandchildren than even their own in-laws and parents did with their children aren’t uncommon.

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‘Such a high level of expectation can put a real strain on grandparents. In my case, I have to remind myself 20 times a day that I’m the grandmother, not the babysitter. ‘ Do you have your parents babysit your kids on a regular basis? Did you ever wonder if you’re asking too much of them?