Do You Think Giving Your Children No Christmas Gifts Is A Cruel Punishment?


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Yes, I am that parent who always tries to scare my children into saying, “You won’t get any birthday presents this year,” or “Christmas is canceled” whenever they decide to act up. But do I actually do it? Never. Plus, my children have become quite clever in the past few years, realizing that I’ve never actually enforced any of my empty threats, no matter how hard I try.

Well, one parent is now getting a lot of heat for actually canceling the holidays for her teen daughter after she was caught stealing and lying to her. We can’t say we’ve never heard of something similar to this before, right? Ugh, parenting. The HARDEST job in the world.

“She has been caught stealing money from us to buy lollies for the second time in a month,” the unnamed mom wrote in a post shared by Australian parenting site School Mum on Sunday. “She doesn’t have any devices, play computer games or watch much TV so we can’t use this as a punishment. We can’t stop her from going to her sports lessons (which she loves) as it will be letting the teams down. My husband feels we should give her no presents at all at Christmas.”

Wondering whether the “big message” this would send her daughter “about how serious and unacceptable stealing is,” could be “too harsh,” the mother asked for some thoughts — and more than 300 people weighed in. And it wasn’t pretty. Here are some of the comments:

I feel this is one of those things that the parents will regret and once the child gets older she will sense it. Every Christmas from this year forward it will be brought up, by her siblings and her.

I’m not sure taking Christmas is the right answer, but the child definitely needs a punishment that actually punishes.  Too much entitlement in today’s world.

You can do the Dr. Phil thing and leave her room with nothing in her room a mattress that is it. Stealing is not good and if not taken care of leads to jail time later on down the line.

Her approach is to send the message of theft is never acceptable is correct yet I think the idea of canceling Christmas might be over the top.

It’s funny that one commenter says it’s a bad punishment because the child “will hate you”. That’s exactly part of the problem. Parenting isn’t about being your child’s friend, it’s about being their parent.

Tell us Hot Moms, how would you deal with this kind of situation?

Source via Yahoo Parenting

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