Does Breastfeeding Actually Make You Lose Weight Or Is That Just A Myth?

Dec 14, 2015 at 2:04 pm |

How many of you moms have heard the line ‘breastfeeding will actually help you lose weight’? Even though I didn’t breastfeed my kids, it didn’t stop nurses and random strangers from telling me that breastfeeding helps you lose weight, almost as if it were a selling point to get me to breastfeed. I’ve heard from new moms how their baby weight ‘just fell off’ (I hated those moms) all thanks to breastfeeding. However, there was always that mom who would speak up and reveal that breastfeeding didn’t help them lose any weight at all, and in fact made them gain weight.

In a new article posted on PopSugar, author Kate Schweitzer reflects on how breastfeeding not only didn’t help her lose weight, but it actually made her gain it. In the article titled ‘The Breastfeeding Lie: How Nursing Made Me Gain Weight’ Schweitzer comments that when she realized that not only was she not losing weight, but gaining it that she thought there was something wrong with her.

“Whenever I read off a list of breastfeeding benefits for the mother, among reduced risk of breast cancer and diabetes, there was always, always a bullet point about weight loss.

So when I not only wasn’t dropping pounds but piling them on, I thought something was wrong with me.”

Breastfeeding doesn’t help every woman ‘drop the pounds’ like many claim it does.