Domestic Violence Survivor Shares Heartbreaking Video From Her Hospital Bed

Jan 20, 2016 at 1:11 pm |

Darrian Amaker was left for dead when her ex-love beat her for 10 hours straight last Thanksgiving. She spent four days in the hospital with her eyes swollen shut, wondering what I assume many victims of domestic violence wonder – why?

Darrian, who is a singer and a photographer posted a video of herself singing from her hospital bed to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence facebook page that has earned the attention of many high profile publications, drawing much needed attention to the issue of domestic violence.

Darrian began her post by saying ‘Hello – my name is darrian. A few days after thanksgiving this past year, my Love went straight psychotic and beat me brutally for ten hours. He had planned it out; I was supposed to die. I survived or escaped, whatever you want to call it, and spent four days in the hospital, eyes swollen shut, wondering why, wondering why.’
Darrian then goes on to write that the man who savagely beat her was arrested and charged. “I am physically safe now; my Love-no-longer has been formally charged by a grand jury with six felonies and faces many years as a prisoner.”

“Domestic violence is not a faraway issue. It affects people you know, cheerful people, people who sing, people who love. We the humans must be better, kinder, stronger. We the loving must not tolerate abuse. We the living must facilitate life.’