Don't Get Left in the Dark, Literally

Here is a list of several safety tips (not in any particular order) for you and your family.  Read them over and see how many you can implement in your life!

•    The most important thing to remember in the even of an earthquake or other emergency situation is to remain calm.

•    The three basic actions recommended by the American Red Cross when you begin to feel an earthquake are to drop to the floor, take cover and hold on.

•    Always keep at least ½ a tank of gas in your car.

•    Your emergency kit should include food, water, first aid, search and rescue equipment, lighting, comfort and sanitation products to sustain each person for at least 3 days.

•    Keep your emergency kit in a place that is easily accessible such as in a coat closet or under your bed.

•    Always keep a pair of tennis shoes and water in your car.

•    Keep all your important documents such as insurance (including medical, home and car), birth certificates, doctor’s name, medical records and passport in one place for easy access.

•    Keep cash on hand in small bills.

•    Have an out of state contact person.

•    Make an evacuation plan with your family.  Discuss it and practice it once every 6 months to a year.

•    Have an emergency kit in your car.

•    Secure TV’s and furniture with earthquake safety straps.

•    Never light candles after an earthquake.

•    Make sure your water heater is strapped in place securely.

•    The recommended amount of water you should keep on hand is one gallon, per person, per day.

•    If you are taking medication you should have an extra month on hand at all times and if you wear glasses, you should have an extra pair on hand at all times.

•    It is important to know where your home’s shut off valves are for your gas and water.  Know how to turn the gas and water off at your home and keep a gas shut off tool next to your gas line.

•    If an earthquake should hit – fill all sinks and bathtubs immediately.  You can use this water for drinking, bathing and cooking.  You can also use the water from your water heater too.

•    If an earthquake hits while you are in bed, DO NOT get out of bed until the ground stops shaking.

Want to find out more safety tips?  Do you need to order an emergency kit?  Log on to email us at [email protected]

Take care and be prepared!


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