‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jep Robertson And Wife Jessica Introduce Their Newly Adopted Baby Son Gus!

Jan 22, 2016 at 12:59 pm |

The Dynasty is growing! Duck Dynasty star and youngest child of the Robertson clan, Jep Robertson and his wife Jessica announced that they have adopted a child. The couple, in their new spinoff show Jep & Jessica: Growing The Dynasty, revealed that they have adopted a baby boy named Jules Augustus who will go by the nickname Gus. Jep shared an adorable shot of him and his new son on his twitter page yesterday looking every bit the proud new papa with his gorgeous baby son laying by his side.



In a clip for their upcoming show, Jessica and Jep reveal that they had been going through the adoption process for a while, after realizing there were so many children in need, and had lost a baby prior to being able to bring Gus home.

“We got really close and thought we were going to bring a baby home, and got so excited,” she said, “and then it fell through, which is just heartbreaking.”

They didn’t let that heartbreak deter them though, and now they’re the proud parents of five kids!

The couple open up about their desire to adopt a baby and how the process was a ‘crazy, wild ride’.