Exclusive Interview With Savannah Paige Rae From Parenthood! (Photos)

Sanannah Paige Rae and Monica Potter
Savannah and Monica Potter                       Photo Credit Savannah Paige

Exclusive Interview With Savannah Paige Rae from Parenthood!

We were new to our neighborhood when we got a knock on the door to open it and find an extremely nice woman and her adorable daughter.

She asked if our two girls could meet.  I agreed and the two 6 year olds struck up a fast friendship. Many play dates followed, her at our house, my daughter at hers, the usual.

One not so unusual evening after my kids were tucked away for bed, my husband and I snuggled in to watch one of our favorite shows, “Parenthood”. As we were watching the show I said to my husband ” Hey, that girl looks like Savannah, wait, that IS Savannah!!!” Here I had been watching her all along and had no idea she played Sydney Graham, one of the wonderful actors in the ensemble of the hit show. We have become close with their entire family and I can truly say that they are some of the nicest, most genuine people we have ever met.

I recently sat down with Savannah for a one on one and got down to some juicy 9 year old actress gossip! Read on for more….

How old were you when you started acting? Well, I was 5 years old and now I am 9 so 4 years now. I had done guest star spots before, I was cast in the Movie “Date Night” with Tina Fey and Steve Carell right before I booked “Parenthood”

What was your audition like?  Alright, I brought my head shot and resume and on my resume I said that I liked to sing, so I sang the “Wicked” song and I also read lines.

Photo Credit Savannah Paige

What was the moment like when you heard you got the part.   I really was like COOL because I was little and I really didn’t know what it was or meant.

You still attend regular school, do you ever feel like you miss out on things or do you feel like you get to experience even more then most kids?  Well, both because I get to take the work with me to set and there is a studio teacher there to help me. The only thing I miss is my friends but I have my friends on set so I get even more friends.

When you have to go to work does it ever feel like “work” or is it always something you look forward to?   Well it’s both, I know I have to go but it is something that I want to do and I like it.

Savannah Paige Rae and Dax Shepard
Dax Sheppard and Savannah Paige                                      Photo Courtesy of Savannah Paige

Your character Sydney Graham is so different then your personality in real life, do you find that more challenging?  No, I get to get my anger out. My character is like a brat  and it’s actually really fun playing her,  she got a new brother so she is being extra bratty.

What about your cast and crew, what do they mean to you?  They feel like a second family and it’s funny because he (Craig T. Nelson) calls me grand-daughter and I call him Grandpa. (Savannah’s mom adds that it took her a minute in the beginning to warm up to Craig but through his kind persistence he prevailed)

What do you think you will take away from the show? What have you learned the most?  Well I have learned lots of things along the way, but first of all I have learned how to act but mostly to have fun, I used to be shy but now I feel really comfortable with everyone. I have opened up and have learned to improv too.

Who helps you with your acting?  Well, my sister definitely, she always does but when my sister isn’t there on set then my mom.

Savannah Paige Rae and Sister Emily
Photo Courtesy of Savannah Paige                               Savannah Paige Rae and Sister Emily

I noticed that your real life sister Emily has gotten a guest spot on your show several times. What is it like having your sister on set working with you?  OH, I felt just as happy when she got the role as when I did! Cause I wanted her to get it so much and well it was really cool because they all knew her name and she got her own trailer and everything!!

Last question, (This one threw her a bit) who is your favorite neighbor?  Oh, yeah, I thought you meant on the show……..(.her mom jumped in and covered for her and said WE were her favorite!!)

For more info on Savannah and her sister Emily go to their website www.rae-sisters.com  or you can follow Savannah on twitter @savanahpaigerae


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  1. Enjoyed your article on Savannah Paige Rae. She’s an amazing actress and that sassy Sydney is my favorite character on the show. So funny that your daughter was playing with her and you didn’t realize she was the girl playing Sydney. I guess her real personality is very different. Her sister is very good too. I’ve seen her on other shows.

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