FALL TRENDS by Celebrity Colorist and Hair Stylist Rebecca Friedman!

 With Fall fresh in the air, the styles and trends are shifting from bright and bubbly, to autumnal and chic! But clothes are not the only hot trend during this season, haute hair is must as well!

Celebrtiy Colorist Rebecca Friedman of Goodform Salon shared her Fall hair tips with us, and we are sharing them with you!

For Hair Color:

·     The Ombre trend isn’t going anywhere for the fall.  However, we’ll be seeing a more low contrast Ombre than that of summer.  Think the whole head of hair brought down 1 to 2 levels darker and richer.

·     Jewel tones made popular by the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry (both natural and paint box tones) will continue into the fall and winter.  We will be seeing beautiful teals, fuchsias, chartreuse and violets.  I recommend this style of color be applied in a painterly, fashion forward way, or worn with a more polished hairstyle.  This keeps you from looking like a comic book character, or teenager.

·     Be on the lookout for pale monochromatic blondes.

·     For Fall 2011, reds are big!  Think sorrel, bright coppers with marigold and titian hues, russet, or vermilion with blue undertones.

·     Rich, luxurious brunettes will be popular.  Shades of hazels, sepia, coffee – only slightly multi dimensional.

(Photos Courtesy of Splash News)
For Hair Styles:

·     I love what I call the “undone lady” right now.  This is a style that’s slightly deconstructed versions of classic shapes.  (Undone buns, wispy ponytails, etc.).

·     Create conversations by using a juxtaposition of very classic cuts with an unexpected color.  Imagine 30’s Hollywood film star Louise Brooks’ bob in a teal jewel tone.  

·     I think we’ll be seeing 1920’s box bobs, soft finger waves, and pin curl sets with modern twist.

·     For those rock and roller women out there, this fall the 1980’s meets 1950’s with disheveled pompadours and high ponytails with curled ends.  Think Duckie from Pretty in Pink. 

Hair embellishments will continue to wow us.  I love jeweled headbands slung low and to the side, using a vintage broach to glam up a textured side swept bun.

(Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, and Katherine Heigl Photo Courtesy of Splash News.)


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