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don’t for summer undergarments

Summer is the season for wearing less and showing more skin.  When doing so, consider your undergarments!  Are you showing VPL (visible panty lines) under that cute little sundress? Is your bra strap hanging out of the fun little tank top (known as VBS: Visible Bra Straps)?  Check it to see if it is grimy and gray!  (Gross, I know, but check anyway!)  It may be time to buy some new lingerie!

Shopping for new lingerie has never been easier!  There are so many choices in bras and panties that there truly is something for everyone!  In panties, look for thongs, laser cut briefs, seamless bikinis, boyshorts (very popular with those that refuse thongs!) and shapewear!  All ensure that VPL are a thing of the past!

Bras have just as many options.  You can purchase multi-way bras which have detachable straps that can fasten in multiple positions, creating numerous strap profiles for those tricky summer dresses!  The multi-way bra comes in every imaginable form: padded, plunge, underwire, wireless and more!  Of course, you can always go strapless which is the most popular solution.  However, if strapless is not your style, add on a pair of Strappy designer bra straps and your bra straps will be transformed into chic, elegant accessories to your outfit!  No more unsightly VBS!

Finally, remember your slip!  Do the light check before heading out the door.  If you can see through your dress with a light behind you then the whole world will too once you step out into the sun!

Each morning, when you get dressed, be sure to check in on the details because the details do matter!  Your entire look can go from chic to tacky with unwanted lines, unsightly straps or obvious silhouettes so pay as much attention to your lingerie as you do the rest of your outfit.  If you do, you’ll be looking like the Hot Mom that you are!

Tammy Gibson is a mom of 2, wife and Editor of A Mom in Red High Heels.  A Mom in Red High introduces the first ever blog specializing in helping moms gain confidence through how they look. Three issues characteristic of moms are addressed: 1. Lack of sleep. 2. Lack of time. 3. Lack of budget. Tips are offered on how to do a beauty routine quickly and how to put together a stylish outfit that is functional on the go. By addressing a busy mom’s appearance, greater self-confidence is created so she can focus on other tasks in her busy world.


Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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