For Busy Moms, Peggy Tanous’ ‘Total Body Workout With Your Toddler’ May Be the Push You Need

Being healthy is something every mother strives for so we can be around for our kids and model healthy habits that will serve them well when they’re older. We all know that the balance for good health is a mix of eating well and working out, but finding time to exercise can be a real challenge for busy moms of young kids.

That’s why we love this workout video by fellow mom, Peggy Tanous, who tailored the perfect workout for moms who are busy, don’t have childcare, and want to model those healthy practices for their kids. Instead of needing to wait for your child to fall asleep before you can exercise or scramble to find someone to watch your kids, this workout uses your children to your advantage and it may be the key to finding your own health.

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Peggy Tanous
Credit: Peggy Tanous

“I have a great and unique celeb fitness DVD that would be perfect for moms and great for this time of year when everyone is trying to get back on track,” says Tanous, who we all fell in love with on the first season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. “It’s a 30 minute total body workout and I use my daughter as my weight and resistance! It works every body part and you don’t have to use a child, but I catered it to moms.”

Tanous recommends that moms use children who are older than 6 months of age and when doing the workout with the younger kids, to have them in a safe baby carrier. You can do this workout for any age of child but she suggests using kids only up to 35 lbs so you don’t injure yourself and you can keep the correct form.

“I also have a bonus section at the end that is a great way to relax kids. The whole DVD is fun for kids and teaches them the importance of fitness at an early age,” Tanous adds. “And it’s great for moms because they can get their workout in without leaving the house or having to hire a sitter!”

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Peggy Tanous
Credit: Peggy Tanous

Being able to spend time with your children and practice self-care for yourself in getting and staying fit is beneficial for the whole family and everyone will be happier for it. If you’d like to grab a copy of Tanous’ DVD workout, you can grab one on Amazon and more information is available on her website.


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