Forget Chocolates: The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Is A Bacon Box

Feb 11, 2016 at 12:34 pm |


One year my husband got me a bottom shelf box of chocolates from our Walgreens and I almost pulled the plug on our marriage because of it (true story). If there’s one thing I’m serious about in my life, it’s good, quality chocolates and the cheap generic kind just doesn’t cut it (because it has to be mouth-watering delicious in order for the calories to be worth it for me). But now it looks like many people are forgoing chocolates altogether for a mouth-watering box of something ever better. My dear Hot Mom friends, I present to you the ultimate box of bacon.

Created by bacon lovers Logan Rae and Kimmie Hruda from Florida, these boxes are a Valentine’s Day alternative for your loved ones this year.


Wake up and smell the…bacon! Forget flowers this Valentine’s Day , and give your love a unique rose made from tasty bacon.