10-Year-Old Girl Was Kicked Off Her Softball Team For A Reason You Won’t Believe

Jun 17, 2016 at 2:42 pm |

All Lundyn Cox wants to do is play ball!

There’s nothing I love more than seeing my daughter out on the field or court giving it her all whenever she’s at one of her lacrosse practices or a basketball game. She moves, she passes the ball and regardless of whether she wins or loses, I always see her a little more confident, determined and eager to do better next time. And best of all, she’s in love with being a part of the game.

That’s why this story of 10-year-old Lundyn Cox and why she was kicked off her softball team is upsetting so many people out there. Seriously, no kid should ever hear this.

lundyn cox

Credit: YouTube / alesha

One young athlete says she was kicked off her softball team because she’s diabetic.

You won't believe what her coach said.