12 Kid Drawings That Are Way Too Hilariously Honest To Ignore

Jul 6, 2016 at 12:52 am |

OK, these kids pay attention more than we realized.

There are a lot of skills and certain personality traits we want our kids to grow up with. We want them to learn how to cook so they can survive, we want them to be kind and honest and we want them to pursue their passions.

While they’re learning, sometimes that means they haven’t grasped the whole idea of being honest, but kind at the same time and sometimes that means not really saying what you’re thinking. When it happens to some other parent, it’s hilarious, but it can be mortifying when it’s your kid.

These kids took the advice of their parents and combined their passion for art with their honest views and the results are gut-laughing humor in the form of honest kid drawings.

A collection of children drawings that are too funny to ignore because they’re just that funny.

These are honest, hilarious, and they could be from any of our kids