12-Year-Old Trolls Her Sister’s Bullies With Fake Party Invite

Jul 8, 2016 at 10:05 am |

Trolling done right

One of the hundreds of things that I absolutely love about my children (OK, make that a thousand) is that they get along SO WELL! They are each other’s protectors and confidants, along with each other’s brother and sister. I didn’t have that kind of relationship growing up with my sibling which tends to make me a little skeptical on how long this love between them is going to last (we’re still in the early years here, folks), but it seriously makes me melt each time I see them playing and laughing together.

With that being said, I do hope that one day they’ll also have each other’s backs, especially when the going gets rough. And that’s exactly what this 12-year-old girl did when she found out that her younger sister was being bullied by a group of mean girls at school. It’s gone viral and it’s winning the internet!

party invite

Credit: Shutterstock, edited

When one 12-year-old girl found out that her younger sister was being bullied at school by a group of mean girls, this is what she did.

Now this is what you call a great big sister.