14 Movies From The 80’s You Should Definitely Watch With Your Kids!

Apr 20, 2016 at 4:09 am |

These are classics!

I love movies. There’s nothing better to me than settling in at the movie theater with an 800 calorie bucket of popcorn and a 20 oz Diet Coke while I get ready to watch a story unfold on the big screen. I grew up watching movies with my parents and siblings. As my kids grow up, I love taking them to the theater and sharing my love of movie magic with them.

While I love every kind of movie and every kind of genre, there’s something special about those movies made in the 80’s.

Growing up as a child in the 80’s means I got to see some of the best movies ever made, and now that I’m a mother I have the luxury of sharing those movies with my kids. Even better is that between Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and any local discount store, I can share them with my kids in the comfort of my own home for pennies. These are the movies that shaped our youth and our kids deserve to see them.
Check out my list of 14 movies from the 80’s I think you need to watch with your kids and leave your recommendations for any I missed in the comments section.

The Goonies

Photo Credit: The Goonies

Not every movie stands the test of time, but these 14 flicks that hit the big screen in the 80’s sure do. Check out this list of films made in the 1980’s that you need to watch with your kids and get ready for your next family movie night!

Check out these movies from the 1980's you should watch with your kids!