15 Signs You Are An A%&H@le Parent

May 11, 2016 at 11:37 am |

The struggle is real.

Ask any kids whether their parents are big meanies sometimes, and they’re bound to respond with a resounding yes.

But sometimes they’re not very fair in their criticism, amiright?!

An A%&#@*e parent, as characterized on the hilarious eponymous Instagram account run by Kristen Howerton, is:

  • A parent who couldn’t read their kid’s mind
  • A parent who LET their kids do exactly what they wanted to do with disastrous results
  • A parent who denied a kid’s completely ridiculous and unreasonable requests

Here are 15 signs you might be one of these dreaded A-hole parents.

source: pixabay

A hilarious tongue-in-cheek Instagram account shares images and descriptions of parents being jerks when actually they are trying to keep their kids happy.

So, are you one?