$15,000 Zootopia Lego Creation Is Destroyed Because Kids Are A%$Holes

Jun 2, 2016 at 10:11 am |

Another example of how kids can be destructive.

You know how everyone says there’s no reason why you should cry over spilt milk?

What are you supposed to do then if that milk turns out to be hours of painstaking work you’ve put in on a $15,000 LEGO creation?

Because that’s what happened when a kid accidentally knocked over an intricate model of the “Zootopia” character Nick Wilde at a LEGO expo in China last weekend.

I mean, OUCH. Tell me that this didn’t hurt. You’ve got to see these photos!


A $15,000 Zootopia Lego creation has been destroyed because of another kid’s “accident.”

This is every Lego fanatic’s worst nightmare!