4 Celeb Babies In One Year?! See Which Stars Are Showing Off Their Growing Baby Bumps!

Apr 15, 2016 at 1:46 pm |

Looks like there might be another Hollywood baby boom!

A few days after Megan Fox walked the red carpet at Las Vegas’s CinemaCon showing off a prominent baby bump, comes rumors that she’s not the only Hollywood leading lady expecting again!

Hot on the heels of Fox’s announcement, Blake Lively, Eva Mendes, Drew Barrymore and Katie Holmes have all been the subjects of bump watch in the last few days. So, are these A-list actresses really expecting?

Can we expect another Hollywood baby boom soon?  You decide!

Celebrity Pregnancy Watch drew barrymore, eva mendes, blake lively and katie holmes

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Is there a new Hollywood baby boom happening? Rumor has it that four Hollywood A-listers are set to welcome babies in 2016!

Are these actresses really expecting?