5 Beauty Secrets To Outsmart Allergy Season And Always Look Your Best

Sep 23, 2016 at 12:00 pm |

A-choose to Be Beautiful!

Allergy season is nothing to sneeze at. A friend of mine, whose name I won’t mention (her puffy, drippy eyes and red a la Rudolph nose give her away), is very allergic to fall’s ragweed. Read: she becomes unrecognizable starting mid-September. The autumn months leave her wiped out, looking like a mom who’s been up all night with her infant. Too bad her son is 10.

When the pollen does its job well, all its frisky floating around the air can wreck havoc on your beauty plans. Think swollen eyes, a ruddy face, a peeling nose.

Yes, isn’t autumn lovely? Too bad you aren’t right now.


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Tips and tricks to getting back to feeling and looking beautiful despite your Fall seasonal allergies.

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