5 Controversial Parenting Photos That Were Banned From Social Media

Aug 1, 2016 at 3:12 pm |

We think they're all amazing!

I am a huge fan of social media and I love that we get to learn so much more about people now that we can get glimpses into their daily lives. Some people I don’t understand why they choose to share what they do — feeling like they’ve stepped over the line of what I would be comfortable posting. Others share intimate and gorgeous images that, for whatever reason, gets removed from the social media site almost as quickly as they went up.

Motherhood is full of messy and wonderful and these photos that parents shared on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites were deemed “too controversial” and were removed, banned and we’re still shocked by them.

Credit: Facebook / Jade Beall Photography

Credit: Facebook / Jade Beall Photography

These five photos caused a huge stir on social media — so much they were banned!

Deemed too much for people's eyes...